These come Directly from Citysearch:

I met Melinda as I was drivng. I was heading south & she was making a left turn heading to the doggie park in her SUV with 2 large barking Dogs…I saw the sign on her vehicle- Dog walker & house sitter. I honked..(An LA Thing) & she opened her window. I asked her if she takes car of dogs herself. Yes she replied. I called her at the number on her Suv…& Interviewed her about a week later.

I was very impressed with her instant kindness toward my older dog & the enthusiasm she had for my Tortoise. We talked for probably about an hour. It definitely felt like a great match for my Boys (animals) to have Melinda house-sit. It was like a breath of fresh air to finally get away with my husband for a few days & know that someone responsible would be taking care of our home & animals.

I would definitely love to have Melinda house-sit again…Now if only I could find the time to get away from my hectic schedule.

Best Regards, B

We met Melinda at the dog park and knew immediately we had found a gem. Melinda frequently dog sits for me and has proven to be a lifesaver. Jake and Prince love her and even try to leave with her when we run into her at the dog park. I would recommend her highly! I would be happy to serve as a reference as well.

– K

Melinda has two pets of her own so taking care of your dogs is high on her priority list! She’s very loving to them, attentive to their needs and makes sure they get all the right food and proper exercise animals need. If you’re looking for dog sitting, you need to look no further. She’s highly recommended!

– M

She took care of my dog for the weekend, stayed over night and took him on daily walks. He took to her right away. She is so friendly and has a really great personality. I will definitely use her services again, and highly recommend her.

-J and C